Wise Child Yoga was developed by Carrie Fitz in 2009 as a joyous exploration of yoga through movement, songs and games.  Classes and individual sessions are designed to provide children of all ages with movement that promotes awareness of breath and body, as well as supporting healthy brain development.  Carrie carefully chooses asanas (postures) that help to build a firm foundation that serve the child for a lifetime.  Proper development that takes place in the first seven years of life ensures that children have a solid foundation upon which healthy thinking, movement, and social relationships can flourish.  Yoga games and songs are incorporated into each session that lightly explore the relationship between body and mind as well as the interconnectedness we share with our fellow inhabitants of our planet.

To inquire about group or private classes, or to schedule a free 1/2 hour consultation to learn about how Wise Child Yoga and Extra Lesson work may be of benefit to your child, email Carrie Fitz at wisechildtherapeutics@gmail.com.