About Wise Child Therapeutics

Located in Central Vermont, Wise Child Therapeutics combines the unique modalities of Extra Lesson and Wise Child Yoga to provide holistic support to children and adolescents with learning and behavioral challenges.  Usingmovement, painting, and drawing activities designed to help integrate body and mind,  each session provides a balanced blend of movement and quiet, centering activity.   

Initial Assessment

An initial assessment consists of an hour and a half session where the child is lead through a series of movement and drawing activities designed to determine whether the child has missed any of the foundational milestones (crawling, integration of midlines, etc.) of the first seven years of life.  The parent is typically present during this assessment, and a time to meet without the child is arranged to discuss the findings of the assessment.  At this time the parents may be asked to provide information regarding their child's unique likes and dislikes, his or her birth and developmental history, as well as any stressors  (illnesses, loss of a loved one, etc.) the child may have experienced.  This assessment is designed for children six years and over.   Please contact Carrie for information about assessing younger children.

Duration of Services

If after an assessment it is recommended the child receive Extra Lesson and yoga therapy work, he or she typically participates in one session per week for a minimum of twelve weeks, or for two sessions for six weeks.  In some cases children come for up to a year with breaks for integration.  In recognition of the number of recommended sessions, a sliding scale fee is available.

Group classes are also available, which work well for schools as well homeschooling groups.  

Please contact Carrie Fitz at wisechildtherapeutics@gmail.com to set up a free 1/2 hour consultation, schedule an assessment, or for more information.